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Offers full fledged EPOS system and a range of hospitality solutions

Foodb online ordering for quick web-based order placement

Foodb system offers full support, from operations to self-ordering services.

Foodb online ordering for quick web-based order placement

Foodb online ordering, web-based solution for fast ordering taking.


Reliable partner for your business


Simple operations suitable for businesses of any sizes

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Easy-to-use EPOS system for fast food shop

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Smooth and clear management of shopfront and staff

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Why businesses choose foodb?

Streamlined business operations with Foodb EPOS
Business made simple

EPOS systems automate tasks, speed up order processing, and simplify operations, reducing financial discrepancies. Real-time data from an online dashboard aids order tracking and informs strategic decisions, ensuring competitiveness in dynamic markets.

    Faster fund transfer with Foodb EPOS system
    Get your money faster

    Still waiting for days to receive your funds? Next Day Settlement accelerates the transfer of card payment funds to your bank account within hours.

    • Next-day fund arrival

    • Bypass 3-5 day delays

    • Maximise cash flow

    Foodb EPOS system adapts to various business needs
    Flexible for Business

    Foodb system provides diverse ordering choices, including table, counter, self-service, and remote options. This adaptability caters to an array of hospitality establishments, from restaurants and fast food joints to takeaways and seasonal food and drink venues. Work with Foodb to unlock your business’ growth potential.

      Foodb EPOS checkout system on touchscreen

      Whether you're just starting out or you're running a seasoned business, we've got you covered.

      Our products can be combined and customised to support you as you grow.

      EPOS for Hospitalities
      EPOS for Hospitalities

      Foodb offers more than just Point of Sale. We’re letting you unleash your business power with our software to help you manage all areas of your business.

      EPOS System
      Foodb self-service kiosk for faster customer ordering
      Self Service Kiosk

      Enhance your ordering process efficiency, boost customer spending, and minimize wait times with our unique self-serving kiosk solution.

      Self Service Kiosk
      Kitchen staff viewing Foodb EPOS kitchen display
      Kitchen Display Software

      Eliminate the clutter of tickets and streamline order management with the kitchen display screen. Ensuring your guests get what they ordered on time, every time.

      Kitchen Display
      Foodb online ordering system for customer convenience.
      Online Ordering system

      Provide a safe, streamlined, service cutting out all the 3rd parties and let your business serve your customers direct.

      Online Ordering
      Foodb EPOS online dashboard for sales monitoring
      Online Dashboard

      Efficiently manage your operations by generating comprehensive reports, monitoring day-to-day activities, exercising precise stock control, and ensuring real-time data accuracy.

      Online Dashboard
      Foodb handheld device for convenient order taking
      Handheld Ordering

      Enhance the restaurant experience by giving staff the increased flexibility to directly take orders from customers at their tables. Eliminating the need to return to the counter to relay the orders to the kitchen.

      Handheld Ordering
      Restaurant staff using Foodb EPOS system
      Clocking system

      Clocking systems track employee work hours, aiding staff management by ensuring accurate attendance records, helping with scheduling, and streamlining payroll processes.

      Clocking System
      Foodb customer service team ready to assist
      Need Advice?

      Not sure about what to get for your business? Contact our customer service team for product advice.

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      Why using Foodb system?

      Fast & Easy

      You can get started in no time. All we need is your business info and some basic documents and you’ll be on the way to starting your foodb journey.

      Competitive Low Fees

      With foodb powering your business, you will get a competitive and industry low rates with competitive EPOS software.

      Ready to Go

      Once application approved, you’ll get your hardware in a few days. You'll be up and running in no time, even before you can print your very first bill!

      24/7 support

      We offer dependable support with a UK-based customer service team available 24/7 to assist you

      What can foodb do for me?


      Front of House Management


      Human Resources


      Inventory Management


      Graphical Table Management


      Online Ordering Integration


      Dark Kitchen Solution


      Cloud Integration


      Smart Sales Tool Set


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